Studies in Agricultural Economics, Volume 118, Number 1, 2016

For the third year running, the first issue of this volume of Studies in Agricultural Economics has been produced by AKI in cooperation with the European Rural Development Network (ERDN, By contrast, for the first time since number 88 appeared in 1996, this issue has been compiled by a Guest Editor-in-Chief. Dr. Katonáné Kovács Judit is a member of the Studies in Agricultural Economics Editorial Board, a longstanding active participant in ERDN and has carried out extensive research on the topic of human and social capital in rural areas.
Scoones (1998)1 was an early adopter of the concept of ‘sustainable rural livelihoods’ which, he argued, are achieved through access to a range of livelihood resources including human and social capital. The former can be defined as ‘the skills, knowledge, ability to labour and good health and physical capability important for the successful pursuit of different livelihood strategies’ and the latter as ‘the social resources (networks, social claims, social relations, affiliations, associations) upon which people draw when pursuing different livelihood strategies requiring coordinated actions’. Despite the passing of almost 20 years, these topics remain high on the agricultural and rural development agendas. This thematic issue of Studies in Agricultural Economics brings together seven papers that address different aspects of human and social capital development across the European Union (EU). (…)

1 Scoones, I. (1998): Sustainable rural livelihoods: a framework for analysis. Working Paper 72. Brighton: Institute of Development Studies.

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Budapest, March 2016

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