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The ‘theme’ of Volume 117, Number 1 (March 2015) of Studies in Agricultural Economics is the European Rural Development Network.

(…) This issue of Studies in Agricultural Economics is the second (after volume 116 number 1) to be produced by AKI in cooperation with the European Rural Development Network (ERDN, ERDN was set up in 2002 to integrate the work and competencies of various research institutions in central and eastern Europe, and AKI has been an active participant in the network almost from its inception.

Much has been written in the scientific literature about the challenges faced by the countries that have joined the European Union (EU) from 2004 onwards (especially the post-socialist countries) when trying to adopt and comply with regulations and procedures that were primarily designed for western Europe. This cannot be more relevant than for farming, the agri-food value chain and rural development.

Privatisation and restitution of property, technological change, the globalisation of agricultural and food markets, and institutional weaknesses with regard to implementing programmes and absorbing funds are just some of the issues affecting agriculture and rural areas in the region.

ERDN brings together agricultural economists, rural geographers, rural sociologists and others to address such challenges through collaborative research designed to identify new approaches to agricultural and rural development that can be applied in the eastern EU. The papers published in this issue of Studies in Agricultural Economics are contributions to this collective effort. (…)

dr Andrew Fieldsend


Budapest, March 2015

(From the Foreword to the Volume 117, Number 1)

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