The SHERPA project we are already in the third cycle of activities with the established multi-actor platforms. This time the MAPs established in the first cycle are joined by newbies. In Poland the MAP Zielone Sąsiedztwo gained two new friends: MAP Bieszczady and MAP Zachodniopomorskie.

MAP Bieszczady operates in part of the Polish region Podkarpackie located in the south-eastern part of Poland bordering Slovakia and Ukraine.

On 10th May MAP Bieszczady held its first meeting. MAP Bieszczady is a group comprising of the representatives of local NGOs, like local action group Zielone Bieszczady, entrepreneurs, activists, scientists as well as local government. In Przysłup in „Gora Smaku – Chata na Przełęczy” we talked about social dimension of Bieszczady – the sphere which touches upon the interpersonal relations, local activities, activation of inhabitants, but also infrastructure or natural conditions which often determine the directions of social activities. Also the impact on the region of the COVD-19 pandemic and war in the Ukraine were discussed.