BREAKING NEWS! We are pleased to announce that by the official letter „on behalf of Mr. Wolfgang Burtscher Director General of Agriculture and Rural Development and Mr Normunds Popens Acting Director General of Regional and Urban Policy” European Rural Development Network has been chosen to act as a Member of the Rural Pact Coordination Group!

Today Pawel Chmielinski, president of ERDN, took part in a meeting launching the RPCG, where together with representatives of EU institutions, social organizations, scientists and representatives of business and residents prepared background for a 3-year mandate!

ERDN’s work in the Group will be led by Barbara Wieliczko (ERDN Vice-President), who is an official member representative of the RPCG on behalf of the European Rural Development Network! Congratulations Barbara!! This is great news for our entire network!

The Rural Pact Coordination Group is the key governance body of the Rural Pact formed by up to 30 representatives from the Rural Pact community. Acting as a network of organisations and institutions, the Rural Pact Coordination Group will play a crucial role in further developing and steering the Rural Pact, representing the diverse range of participants involved in this initiative. The group is balanced in terms of the types of stakeholders involved (EU institutions and bodies, public authorities, NGO representatives, business representatives, researchers and academia and citizens representatives), country of origin, diversity of rural contexts and gender.
This first Coordination Group is appointed by the Rural Pact preparatory group after consulting the Rural Pact Community. The group is established as a Commission special group steering the Rural Pact process. The lead DG is DG Agriculture and rural development (DG AGRI), and the co-lead DG is DG Regional and urban policy (DG REGIO).