We have just started a series of concluding meetings of the 4-year #SHERPAproject (Sustainable Hub to Engage into Rural Policies with Actors – Sherpa) which was conducted in 19 European countries and aims to formulate recommendations for future research programs and the development of future EU rural policies.


On August 30, a meeting of MAP Bieszczady members from the Lesko and Bieszczady poviats (Poland) was held in Ustjanowa Górna. We received a powerful dose of „women power” from women who are active locally, involved in social issues and who are also associated with local government. Katarzyna Gizińska – ERDN researcher, who coordinates MAP Bieszczady, presented the results of the reports and summarized two years of SHERPA research in Bieszczady. And as it usually happens at Bieszczady meetings, the presentation became a pretext for discussions that lasted almost three hours – about the situation of women in rural areas, the war in Ukraine and the aid that was carried from the 1st day of hostilities on the border by Rural Housewives’ Circles, private, grassroots initiatives and NGOs. About the fact that when someone is hurt, we are able to activate and act quickly as local communities – much faster than offices and formalized institutions. By the fact that we were women-only (for the first time in the history of our meetings, it happened that not a single invited man arrived), the topics themselves flowed in the direction of reconciling social roles, including those of mother, activist and entrepreneur.
Many thanks to the members of MAP Bieszczady for their cooperation for two, very active years, and we hope to see you soon in other projects! We would also like to thank Huculska Restaurant, which hosted us so beautifully.