Green evaluation of food industries in V4 countries from EU Taxonomy perspective

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Realization of EU’s green goals is particularly important for the food industries of V4 countries. Uniform system of criteria is needed for the development of environmentally sustainable activities. After the NFRD and Green Deal, the EU Taxonomy was the next fundamental step to create principles of this system. The objectives of Taxonomy became a defining element of CSRD as well. The main aim of the project led by AKI is to provide comprehensive knowledge about the current situation and future opportunities of food industries’ sustainable goals and activities in V4 countries in order to promote environmental-friendly solutions. The cooperation of V4 countries is important from geographical and financial point of view as well. There is a lack and urgent need of this intended examination in our area. The common target is to find the most effective solutions for the sustainable improvement of food industries in our region and to achieve determining behaviour-changing effects. We will focus on strengthening macroregional and sectoral cooperation by a taxonomy-centered, qualitative and quantitative analysis of voluntary and mandatory sustainability reports of large companies using sectoral financial database. We plan to accomplish unique scientific studies and to provide new, outstanding information for key stakeholders (experts, companies, financiers, consumers, political decisionmakers) in order to realize more effective changes in green transition. According to our scientific concept the planned transparent assessment can also reduce the problem of green washing.


Agrárközgazdasági Intézet Nonprofit Kft. (AKI), Széchenyi István Egyetem (HU), AMBIS vysoká škola (CZ), Slovenská poľnohospodárska univerzita v Nitre (SK), European Rural Development Network (PL)

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Green evaluation of food industries in V4 countries from EU Taxonomy perspective

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Visegrad Fund Project ID 22320032

European Rural Development Network

1 October 2023 –  31 March 2025

Paweł Chmieliński