Our 2001-2006 events were devoted to:


4th ERDN Conference 2006: Endogenous factors stimulating rural development, Hosted by: ERDN office, IAFE-NRI, Mądralin Poland, 12-15.10.2006.
Check the AGENDA of the Conference.


3rd ERDN Conference 2005: Rural Development Capacity in Carpathian Europe, Hosted by: Institute for Building, Mechanisation and Electrification of Agriculture, Tylicz, Poland, 20-21.11.2005.
Check the AGENDA of the Conference.


2nd ERDN Conference 2004: Changes in functioning of rural areas in the Baltic countries, Hosted by: Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland, 21-22.10.2004.


1st ERDN Conference 2003: Alternatives for European Rural Areas, Hosted by: IAFE-NRI, Falenty, Poland, 21-22.02.2003.
Check the INVITATION to the Conference.


2002: Rural development – farming, multifunctionality, new activities: existing resources and sustainable strategies vs. employment and competitiveness, meeting of the Polish sub-section of the Network, Warsaw, Poland, 8.05.2002. Check the Rationale for Polish Sub-Network of ERD.


2001: European Rural Development. Problems, Chances, Research Needs, conference organised by IIASA, Polish Academy of Sciences, IAFE-NRI, Warsaw, Poland, 7-9.05.2001.
Check the Invitation to this event by G. Heilig as well as Agenda and the List of Participants