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Romanian Academy – Institute of Agricultural Economics
Romanian Association of Rural and Agrifood Economy “Virgil Madgearu”

5th European Rural Development Network Conference 2007

Values and challenges in designing the European rural structures
– research network experience –

13-16 September 2007
Sinaia, Romania

Agriculture and rural area are going through rapid and substantial structural changes, driven by the evolving of development patterns, consumer lifestyles and by the growing of globalization and integration from local and global problems. The main effect of these changes has been a much greater emphasis on the role of Values, Networks, Knowledge and Strategies, in the future rural development.
The complexity of the structural changes going on in the rural area will require improving the debate on these factors of development and their different influence on the life of the inhabitants. We will welcome comparative analyses between structures, strategies and challenges of the economies inside EU and different countries in transition.
EU combines different structures and many countries that are on a different level of development. The structures are being recognized from different science: economy, sociology, geography, agronomy, ecology, policy makers, rural planers and others. The way the problems are investigated in one country may be valid for another one. Combining the knowledge in most cases creates added value that is of interest for all stakeholder. Most of the processes that take place in rural areas in one country are in some level of similarity with the processes that occur in other European countries. That is why investigation done in one country is corresponding to other states and regions. Capacity of scientist (their value) by direct work is more than doubled.

The Conference aims to stimulate theoretical and empirical contributions on the role of Networks, Knowledge, Strategies and Values and brings together economists, social scientists, or policy makers and managers, in order to discuss and assess new perspectives in the future rural development plans. The new idea of the ERDN is to present articles written by at least two authors from different countries (when is possible). The process of the review, references and publishing will be also made in a mix team.
In the same time, we intend to extend our preoccupations and sphere of interest by attracting new members in ERDN, to deliver new outputs of our activities, to promote and share the results of our preoccupations with other participants, networks and actors, to create a rich and favorable background for future collaborations and applications in different projects and programs.
The objectives of the Conference are:

  • Results of the Inter-collaboration between networks and Intra-collaboration inside networks
  • Networks’ structural and functional principles – European rural connections
  • Analysis and refining common goal systems for agriculture and rural development (determination of specific social needs) in the new member states, at different stages of development and integration with the EU, and other transition countries
  • Identification of challenges, opportunities and risks for sustainable rural development
  • Best practice in rural development.

During the two full days of the Conference, three thematic sessions are planed. The number of thematic sessions may be changed according to your requests and preferences. The topics are:
I. European Research Networks Experience vs. Local Networks Experience
II. Heritage and Rural Values – Promoters for Durable Rural Development
III. Challenges for Rural Development in EU 27, in the period 2007-2013.

Important Dates
The deadlines for the Conference are:

  • 30.01 Call for papers
  • 28.02 Submission of abstracts (partnership for articles)
  • 31.03 Notification of acceptance
  • 15.04 Registration and submission of grant (travel) applications
  • 01.05 Notification of grant acceptance
  • 30.06 Submission of full paper
  • 13-16.09 Conference

Guide for authors
Proposals must take the form of a detailed abstract that should not exceed 2 pages (1.5-spaced) written in English (Times New Roman 12). Only Word or PDF documents are accepted.
A scientific board according to the usual academic criteria will evaluate proposals: originality of the problems and the expected results, theoretical foundation, quality of the empirical instruments and compatibility of the topic with the general themes of the conference. Selected papers must be presented during the conference. Decisions will be announced to the potential contributors by e-mail.
Full papers should be in English, a maximum of 15 pages including title, authors, affiliation, contact address, abstract, keywords, figures, tables and references. Computer files should be in MS Word format, Times New Roman 12 pt, simple spaced.
Abstracts and Full Papers should be sent to:
Before the Conference the participants will get proceedings of abstracts and CD with papers. After the Conference the participants will have two weeks of revision of their papers and then will get proceedings of all full papers.

All speakers will have an oral presentation of 20-30 min. with slides that should be made in PowerPoint format. For technical reasons, the presentation will be send to organizers one week before Conference, by e-mail (

Conference Language
The conference language is English.

Conference Venue
Sinaia City, Prahova Valee, Carpathian Mountains, Romania
Place: Enescu House

Sinaia City, Hotel Roberto

Registration fee
Speakers, invited guests and sponsors of the conference will be exempted from the registration fee. For the rest of the participants will be a fee of 30 EUR.

Transportation and Grant
There is a possibility to support the travel cost from your country to Romania by train, bus or by booking low costs flights in advance, due to a limited amount of money. If you are interested in this, please apply for a Travel grant.
The arrival will be in Bucharest on 13th. On that day, the participants will meet for the departure from Bucharest to Sinaia and organizers will provide the transportation. The hour and other details will be provided later.
On the last day of the conference (16th September), the field-trip for those of the participants interested in will be organize in the first part of the day and the return to Bucharest is forecasted for afternoon, in due time for taking off from the airport. Participants who need additional nights in Bucharest, after or before the Conference, have to arrive in Romania later than 13th or depart from Romania earlier than 16th must announce the organizers.

Scientific and Organization Committee

Scientific Committee:

  • Violeta Florian (President ARERA), Romanian Academy-IEA, Romania
  • Zbigniew Florianczyk (Secretar ERDN), IERIGZ, Poland
  • Gabriel Popescu, ASE, Romania
  • Valentin Bohateret, ICES, Romania
  • Joszef Popp, AKI, Hungary
  • Klaus Wagner, AWI, Austria
  • Filon Toderoiu, Romanian Academy-IEA, Romania

Organization Committee (Provisional):

  • Dan Marius Voicilas, Romanian Academy-IEA, Romania
  • Monica Tudor, Romanian Academy-IEA, Romania
  • Elisabeta Rosu, Romanian Academy-IEA, Romania
  • Mihai Chitea, Romanian Academy-IEA, Romania
  • Lorena Chitea, Romanian Academy-IEA, Romania
  • Florentina Constantin, ASE, Romania
  • Teodora Bontoi, ASE, Romania


  • Dan Marius Voicilas, Romanian Academy-IEA, Romania
  • Monica Tudor, Romanian Academy-IEA, Romania

Monica Tudor & Dan Marius Voicilas
Romanian Academy, Institute of Agricultural Economics
“Casa Academiei”, Calea 13 Septembrie no. 13, sector 5
Cod: 76117, Bucuresti, Romania
Tel: +40721744655; +40722398119
Fax: +40314083355

Check the AGENDA of the Conference.